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Storytelling at The Moth

live events and radio podcasts

Once a month, at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, ten regular folks get a chance to tell a five-minute, true story on a theme determined in advance: Ambition. Legends. Birthdays. Gratitude. This happens in cities all over the United States and around the world.


I've tossed my name in the hat (well, canvas tote bag) a bunch of times. Sometimes I get lucky. A few times, I've won and gone on to take the stage with nine exceptional Philly storytellers in an annual Moth GrandSlam. I was a winner (tied for first place with Ryan Roe) of the most recent GrandSlam, December 12, 2022, at Union Transfer.


You can't reproduce the electric, kinetic buzz of a live slam: the ting of forks and glasses, the held-breath pause and the release of laughter, the back-and-forth ballet between teller and listeners. But you can try. Grab a snack, pour yourself a cuppa something, sit back and enjoy. Each one's just five minutes. 

Graphic Spiral

crossroads. september 6, 2022
a live slam in philadelphia

"The circus artists moved into our house in January 2015, the latest in a series of interesting roommates."


tipping points. december 12, 2022
a live grandslam in philadelphia


"Back then, my parents acted like I'd walked to a precipice, blindfolded, ready to pitch myself over the edge.

But I see it differently."

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