Thank you so much for your inspiring prompts, helpful suggestions for revision, and most of all your kind encouragement...It was great to work with such an intelligent, creative group of women!


Winter Getaway 2015

I enjoyed hearing from others and seeing ways of approaching memoir from different perspectives. And your feedback was wonderful: very specific, insightful and encouraging.

Ollie Hartsfield

Winter Getaway 2015

Anndee Hochman's
Heart and Craft workshop was transformative for me. Her gentle, wise and trustworthy guidance took me deep into the land of memoir writing and back again in a setting that aroused the senses. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
Pattie Ladd
La Barra de Potosi, Mexico, 2007

This has been such an enriching experience for our kids, and as teachers, we have learned so much from you about writing and teaching poetry. Our students have been excitedly compiling their poems in anthologies and creating decorations for our evening of poetry.

Tiffany Worden

Johnson Park Elementary School

Princeton, NJ, 2013

Poetry matters because without poetry we would not be having any music in this world.


Brick Avon School

Newark, NJ, 2016

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