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Thank you, as always, for bringing poetry to our classrooms! You always do such an awesome job of engaging the 3rd-graders...Watching you teach always reminds me to slow down and to be a better listener with my students.  

Kristin Salsberry

Salt Brook ES, New Providence, NJ

This was my third Soapstone story session with Anndee. It was as rich, varied and stimulating as previous sessions. I love how Anndee generates respectful, high-participation discussions.

Dina Hirsch, 2024

The honesty and intensity of your stories, your realistically positive energy, and the writing exercises and discussions will help put wind under my wings as I tackle the second half of my memoir.

Bobbie Francis
participant in The Heart & Craft of Memoir, 2024

I enjoyed hearing from others and seeing ways of approaching memoir from different perspectives. And your feedback was wonderful: very specific, insightful and encouraging.


Ollie Hartsfield

Poetry & Prose Getaway, 2015

Poetry matters because without poetry we would not be having any music in this world.


Brick Avon School

Newark, NJ, 2016

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