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"Vulnerability is not a new human story. What matters is what we do with that raw-skinned sensation."
"It felt, for a few hours, like the start of a revolution. And then it was...the weird and alarming new American order."
"My left knee reminds me, sobers me, humbles me, murmuring 'hey, something happened here' with every step."
"Sasha's eye patch never stopped drawing stares...the gringa girl with the lazy eye."
"My Bubbie was a knitter, and I wore her sweaters with a twist of embarrassment and pride."
"My shirt signaled disruption; it signaled solidarity. It opened conversations and shut them down."
"I rummage through the cracked pieces of our lives... 'Remember this?' I say."
"There are a thousand ways to hurt each other, to set the earth ablaze or freeze some people out."
"This is how you care for your father as Day 3 in the hospital bleeds to Day 6, Day 17: You talk, convinced he can hear..."
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Everyday Acts & Small Subversions: 

Women Reinventing Family, Community & Home


"At thirty, I was beginning to hunt for permanence...There was much I wanted to know: how to sustain friendships that felt 'like family' over time and distance. How to make choices about commitment and children. How to celebrate milestones, whom to gather at my table. How to balance tradition and invention, pull threads from my past and use them to weave a future."

  • named one of the 100 Most Important Books of the 20th Century by Sojourner magazine

  • “…In this book, Hochman redefines family in ways that are always refreshing and sometimes breathtaking.”
                --Whitney Scott, Booklist 


  • “Anndee Hochman helps us to imagine the new possibilities for relationships, rituals and language that truly reflect the ways we live and love.”

​                    --Barbara Findlen, Ms. 

Outside In: 50 Years of Forging Change


A history of Outside In, the "odd little agency" in Portland, Oregon, that started as a free clinic in 1968 and morphed to a multi-service center with a $12.5 million budget and a legacy of radical, inclusive care. 

Anatomies: A Novella and Stories


"We buried Hank’s umbilical stump in the back yard, in sight of the basketball hoop, spitting distance from where the cucumbers will be. Emmy donated the box from her first pair of real earrings, and we nestled the stump on the little mattress of cotton. It was about as big as my thumb."


  • San Francisco Chronicle bestseller

  • “A writer whose voice is needed in our discordant culture.”
        --The Philadelphia Inquirer

  • “Hochman deftly interweaves humor, crisp language, and evocative imagery throughout Anatomies…Her prose is arresting and beautiful.”
    --Meg Daly, The Oregonian



In my classes and workshops—whether with children, teens or adults, for an hour or a semester—I foster a community of writers who take creative risks, treasure one another’s differences and embrace the power of words.

For the past 25 years, I've taught memoir, poetry and creative non-fiction in schools, after-school programs, senior centers, detention facilities, drug/alcohol rehabs and a village on Mexico's Pacific coast. 





"Words link lives. As a writer and teacher, I use language to discover, remember, subvert and understand. I write, and the words change me. I go back into the glittering, broken world to listen some more."


the moth story slam

World Cafe Live

3025 Walnut Street

Monday, November 4; doors open at 6:30

Join me as I toss my name in the hat for another Moth Story Slam. The theme for November is "gratitude," spur for a story that touches on high school chemistry class, anxiety and global warming. And if I'm not chosen, you'll still hear ten unforgettable true tales shared by a range of Philadelphians. Maybe you'll be inspired to tell your own! (Moth tickets go on sale online a week before the event, at 3 p.m., and tend to sell out.)

Memoirs That Matter

Gratz College

7605 Old York Road

Thursdays Sept. 26-Nov. 14

1-3 p.m.

Learn to craft stories from your life--large moments or small ones, mournful or sublime--in a way that yields discovery and connection. We'll practice the use of voice, pacing, structure, sensory detail, dialogue and setting--important tools in any writer's tool box--while discussing questions particular to memoir, including the reliability of memory and the ethics of writing about other people. Beginning and more seasoned writers welcome!

onstage cameo in Eureka Day!

InterAct Theatre

302 S. Hicks Street, Philadelphia

Sunday, November 10, 2 p.m.

InterAct has invited community members to take a brief non-speaking part in this season's first production. So, for the first time since...well, high school, you can catch me onstage. The play is Eureka Day, about a school in Berkeley where decisions are made by consensus and diversity is valued. But when a mumps outbreak hits the school, it turns out that not everyone in this community has the same definition of social justice.

Freewriting Workshop at the Poetry & Prose Getaway

Seaview Hotel, Galloway, New Jersey

January 17-20, 2020

Advance your craft, energize your writing and find literary kinship at the 26th Winter Poetry & Prose Getaway, a writers’ conference that will feature award-winning poets Yusef Komunyakaa & Denise Duhamel. Enjoy challenging and supportive workshops, insightful feedback and an encouraging community. Choose from classes in poetry, fiction, nonfiction, memoir and more, including my multi-genre class that will include prompts for sparking ideas, generating fresh material and venturing out of your literary comfort zone. Details (including scholarship information) at www.wintergetaway.com



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