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Everyday Acts & Small Subversions: 

Women Reinventing Family, Community & Home


"At thirty, I was beginning to hunt for permanence...There was much I wanted to know: how to sustain friendships that felt 'like family' over time and distance. How to make choices about commitment and children. How to celebrate milestones, whom to gather at my table. How to balance tradition and invention, pull threads from my past and use them to weave a future."

  • named one of the 100 Most Important Books of the 20th Century by Sojourner magazine

  • “…In this book, Hochman redefines family in ways that are always refreshing and sometimes breathtaking.”
               --Whitney Scott, Booklist 


  • “Anndee Hochman helps us to imagine the new possibilities for relationships, rituals and language that truly reflect the ways we live and love.”

​                    --Barbara Findlen, Ms. 

Outside In: 50 Years of Forging Change


A history of Outside In, the "odd little agency" in Portland, Oregon, that started as a free clinic in 1968 and morphed to a multi-service center with a $12.5 million budget and a legacy of radical, inclusive care. 

OI book.JPG

Anatomies: A Novella and Stories


"We buried Hank’s umbilical stump in the back yard, in sight of the basketball hoop, spitting distance from where the cucumbers will be. Emmy donated the box from her first pair of real earrings, and we nestled the stump on the little mattress of cotton. It was about as big as my thumb."


  • San Francisco Chronicle bestseller

  • “A writer whose voice is needed in our discordant culture.”
        --The Philadelphia Inquirer

  • “Hochman deftly interweaves humor, crisp language, and evocative imagery throughout Anatomies…Her prose is arresting and beautiful.”
    --Meg Daly, The Oregonian



I teach young people through:


 I teach adults through:


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In my classes and workshops—online or in person, with children, teens or adults—I foster a community of writers who take creative risks, cherish differences and explore the transformative power of words.

For the past 25 years, I've taught memoir, poetry and creative non-fiction in schools, senior centers, detention facilities, drug/alcohol rehabs and a village on Mexico's Pacific coast. Lately I've pivoted to online platforms, including Zoom.




Anndee Hochman is a journalist, essayist and storyteller who listens intimately, questions fearlessly and writes frankly about people, families and communities. She pokes at big assumptions and cherishes small details. Anndee especially seeks voices on the margins, ideas that surprise and connect, stories that make it harder for us to dismiss each other.


She chases questions: What makes a family? What sustains a person, or a community? How do we stitch meaning from the scraps of daily life? When Anndee teaches writing to children and adults, they are also in search—looking inside and out for the sparks of a story and the tools to make them flicker.

Anndee's articles, profiles, political and personal essays and critical reviews have been published in Poets & Writers, O, the Oprah Magazine, Redbook, Health, OUT and The Journal of the American Medical Association. Her column, "The Parent Trip," appears weekly in The Philadelphia Inquirer, and she is a regular contributor to venues including Broad Street Review, Purple Clover and The Jewish Exponent.

She's also a four-time winner of Moth Story Slams.


Anndee's newest project is a young adult novel, My Plural Is People. The first chapter was a winner of the Arch Street Press 2020 contest and was also long-listed for the Voyage YA First Chapters contest. Rewrites happening in 2021!

"Words link lives. As a writer and teacher, I use language to discover, remember, subvert and understand. I write, and the words change me. I go back into the glittering, broken world to listen some more."


upcoming gigs


people & stories: a free "try it" session 

in person at Lawrence Community Center

Sunday, September 24, 2-4 p.m.

Hear a stunning, contemporary short story read aloud. Talk about it. Change your mind. That's the mantra of People & Stories/Gente y Cuentos, a non-profit that fosters deep conversation among people from all walks of life through reading together in community. In this free session, I'll read Linda Hogan's "Making Do" and lead a discussion afterward. Registration details soon!

the heart & craft of memoir (with a storytelling add-on)

January 12-15, 2024

Stockton University, Galloway, NJ

Registration details coming soon!

A weekend-long, in-person memoir class. Sift through your life for touchpoints--indelible conversations, decisions, wounds and breakthroughs--and learn to render those experiences with muscle and meaning. You'll examine models of stunning memoirs and practice using voice, pacing, language, details and structure to render your own. An optional add-on is a 3-hour storytelling workshop on Friday afternoon; you'll learn (and try out!) how writers create stakes, focus and a satisfying arc in a tale meant to be delivered live, before an audience. 


More info, along with registration details, in the fall!

photo by Kenneth B. Moore


my plural is people


My young adult novel-still-in-progress, begun during National Novel Writing Month 2019, is taking further steps into the world. The first chapter was recently published in Voyage, a YA journal, after being long-listed for that journal's 2022 anthology contest. The chapter was also long-listed for the 2020 & 2021 Voyage YA First Chapters Contests, and the whole book was a finalist for the 2021 Acheven Book Prize in YA Fiction sponsored by Regal House Publishing. 

show us your wits.jpg

show us your wits: funny women surviving coronavirus by laughing through it

Edited by Silvia Bajardi, Leigh Anne Jasheway, Chika Ekemezie & Carmen Woodruff. Available now for Kindle or in paperback!

This anthology collects essays from women across the world who are coping with quarantine, social distancing, sex, partnership, parenting, teleworking, and a range of other COVID-19 challenges with a jigger of humor (and the occasional afternoon shot of something more potent). My piece is "Tuning Out, Zooming In." 

(Her)oics cover.jpg

(her)oics: women's lived experiences during the coronovirus pandemic

Edited by Amy Roost & Joanell Serra

Order it from (independent booksellers) or directly from the press here!


This collection includes essays by 52 women across the U.S. during COVID-19: front-line responders and recovering patients; women preparing to give birth, living with multiple generations, supporting the dying and grieving the loss of loved ones. My contribution, "Poetry in the Time of Coronavirus," won a 2020 American Society of Journalists and Authors award for personal essays. Order copies--for yourself or a gift-- directly from the press here!.

6x9 Stained(1).jpg

stained: an anthology of writing about menstruation

Editors Rachel Neve-Midbar & Jennifer Saunders

Available for pre-order May 28!

Proceeds benefit Days for Girls, which promotes menstrual equity, dignity and health worldwide

I'm delighted to have my essay, "Blood: A Periodic Chronicle," included in this anthology. Ordering details very soon!a

being home: an anthology

Available for order now!

Edited by Sam Pickering and Bob Kunzinger

Thrilled to have "2Rms, Family View" included in this new collection about the spirit of place, the nexus of memory and emotions, essays in which place becomes a character--companion and confidante, antagonist and alter-ego.

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Ask me about writing gigs, speaking engagements, classes, workshops or readings.

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